Patient Survey

Your feelings about the services that you received at the Treasure Coast Surgical Center are important to us. Please help us better serve you by filling out this brief questionnaire. Thank you!

ADMITTING/REGISTRATION Excellent Good Poor Very Poor
1. Professional and courteous service of office staff
2. Speed and efficiency of registration
3. Satisfactory answers to financial and insurance questions.
4. Professional and courteous service of nurses
5. Nurses introducing themselves and keeping you informed
6. Nurses explaining procedures
7. Satisfactory answers to questions
8. Written instructions for your home care
9. Staff giving you the privacy you needed
10. Cleanliness and comfort of the surgery center
11. Likelihood that you would return or recommend the Surgery Center to others
12. OVERALL, rating of your experience at the Surgery Center
Did you experience any unusual symptoms or problems following the procedure?
Could we have done anything to make your experience more pleasant?
If you could change anything about the treatment you received at the Surgical Center what would it be? Please comment on any of the above (particularly any negative responses):
(Optional) Name: